The importance of a great domain name

Your website may display a wonderful range of products or services - but how do you attract visitors to your site? The answer may lie in a strong domain name:

  • Make a great first impression.
    Your domain name introduces your company to potential clients or customers. A strong descriptive domain name clearly declares what your company can offer.
  • Boost your company's reputation.
    Most reputable companies have a good quality domain name. Potential visitors to your site know this. They will have more confidence in your products or services if you have a domain name that sounds reputable and shows that you mean business.
  • Pay-per-click advertising.
    Descriptive domain names are great in pay-per-click ad campaigns and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Declare your location.
    A or .uk domain name declares to the world that you are a UK based company. If you want to attract business more locally, you can declare this clearly via your domain name e.g.

Why not speak to your Web designers or SEO experts to see whether this domain name could add value to your business? and .uk domain names

Essential for uk based businesses

Most UK businesses use or .uk domain name extensions. These extensions show that the business is UK based and seeking business primarily from UK based customers or clients.

Since June 2014, there are two main forms of UK geographical domain name extensions for businesses based in the UK:

  • The domain name extension.
    This has been around since 1997 and is still the most popular domain extension for UK based businesses.
  • The .uk domain name extension.
    This was introduced in June 2014 to provide a comparable, short alternative to the extension.

Rights of registration - an explanation

Many registrants of domain names have exclusive 'rights' to register the .uk version of their domain. This applies to most domain names that were registered on or before 10th June 2014

These exclusive 'rights of registration' will need to be taken up by 9th June 2019.

If you place an offer for a domain name owned by us, then check the nominet whois to see the registration date of the domain. If it was registered prior to 10th June 2014, the domain will be sold by us including the 'rights of registration' to the .uk version of the same name.

For domains registered since 10th June 2014, there are no rights to the equivalent .uk domain. If we do own the equivalent .uk domain, and it is showing for sale on this website, then you may make an offer for both the and .uk domain.

Buying a domain name.

Buying a domain name is straightforward but does involve a transfer process. For the security of both buyer and seller, we offer as an escrow service. We have used since 2003 and have found their service to be smooth and efficient.